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Autoritratto, self-portrait (Kromo Lab): Art (dessins, disegni) by Dimitri Fogolin.Hello! I’m Dimitri Fogolin alias Fogo Kromo.

I’m a comics artist and an illustrator. I’m working mostly like colorist for french comics books (namely Franco-Belgian comics, bandes dessinées).

Here it is some things that you have to know about me.

First of all, I love robots and tentacles.

At the beginning of my career I have developed and applied the following skills: graphic design, photo retouch, prepress, DTP.

In 90’s I took a course by Davide Toffolo where I found some friends who gave me a chance to be a comics artist. After the course, in 1997, we founded Fame Comics and with this association we published and distributed our comic books. On september 2008, together with Luca Malisan and Paolo Gomets Francescutto, friends met in Fame Comics, we founded the Gotem Studio.

I’m currently working at Gotem Studio as comics artist and illustrator.

Click here for bio and curriculum vitae.

If you want to see my best artworks all up to date (comics, illustrations or whatever), this is the place.




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