A bilingual folk tales illustrated book

This image is a photograph of the cover of the "GERA 'NA VOLTA" book.
The cover’s illustration is by Upata.

GERA ‘NA VOLTA” is a bilingual book with illustrated folk tales.

The project has involved various artists like me, Martoz, Francesca Ghermandi, Giuseppe Palumbo, etc. The goal is to protect local dialects and stories from sinking into oblivion.
The book has 72 pages, 32 tales, and 22 illustrations by 22 illustrators.
The texts have been written in Italian and dialect.

I’m happy to be part of this fantastic team. The book and the initiative were conceived by “Creazioni Indigeste” (Marco Tonus and David Benvenuto).

We see a priest's assistant and a praying woman inside a church in this illustration made with a narrative purpose by Dimitri Fogolin.
I have illustrated the story entitled “El bon moroso”.

This image is a photograph of the story I have illustrated for the "GERA 'NA VOLTA" book. A priest's assistant listens to a woman praying in a church.
Inside the book.