GRINDADRAP comic book

A fantastic and bloody action-story.

Operation Valentine (1940), Faroese islands.

“The British occupation of the Faroe Islands during World War II, also known as Operation Valentine, was implemented immediately following the German invasion of Denmark and Norway. It was a small component of the roles of Nordic countries in World War II.

In April 1940, the United Kingdom occupied the strategically important Faroe Islands (which belonged to Denmark) to forestall a German invasion. British troops left shortly after the end of the war.”

These facts inspired Abdelkader Lhakkouri and me to set the context of a story. For me, it was amusing to illustrate pictures with a Spitfire!

In this comic book we are developing, there are monsters inside and outside the characters. A depiction of humanity with some fantastic elements.

The pic shows a cover for a comic book called "GRINDADRAP," a traditional drive hunting made in the Faroese Islands. We see a dark beach, a lot of blood on the water sea, and on the ground, there are a lot of gravestones.
Grindadrap, cover.

The image illustrates men talking, smoking, and sipping beer. They are Faroese citizens in a pub, and it's wintertime.
Faroese people in 1940s.

The picture is a page of a comic book called "GRINDADRAP", script by Abdel Kader and art by Dimitri Fogolin. There's a girl with some sheep and a dog. In the sky is flying a Spitfire.
When the story begins.