They came in November.

The came in November: engraving VS pencils and digital colors.

Years ago, an image came to my brain: some strange figures floating over a city with big holes in their chests.
I was attending an engraving class, so I used that image to experiment with printmaking.

You can see the printed engraving made with a plexiglass plate and a metal tip here.

This is a printed engraving depicting some eerie phantoms floating over a city with holes in their chests.

It’s like the drypoint technique.

Next, I made a different version with my recent drawing style with pencils and digital coloring (with Clip Studio Paint).

In this picture, there are weird phantoms. They are floating in a haunted city. There are empty streets with trees in a wintry atmosphere.

I like both, but I prefer the second one because it’s more complete and with more weirdness.